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Stationary Compactors. Small Compactors (2-4 cu yd) Large Compactors (5 cu yds & up) ... the Cram-A-Lot Pre-Crusher Compactor smashes materials in advance of compacting them into the container. This effectively reduces waste volume and increases load weights. ... Pre-Crushers are designed to efficiently reduce the trash volume before it is ...

Pre-crusher trash compactors eliminate "light loads" of pallets, crates, drums, boxes, furniture and appliances. This unique design will virtually double the compaction power of a standard stationary compactor thus increasing payloads by as much as 800%.

Pre-Crushers. Precrushers reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original bulk. Each stroke of the powerful ram crushes disposed material against a tough solid steel bulkhead at the end of the charging chamber.

Pre-Crushers for Dry Material. Dry waste pre-crushers are powerful systems used to destroy products and/or maximize waste in a container. With machines from three cubic yards to nine cubic yards, SP Industries has the right machine for your application.

Pre-Crusher Compactors we provide: KS4PC and KS6PC Series. The pre-crushers are designed to reduce the mass of hard-to-compact or bulky material.

Equipment. Self-Contained Compactors; Stationary Compactors. Small Compactors (2-4 cu yd) Large Compactors (5 cu yds & up) ... Stationary Compactors. ... Pre-Crusher Compactors. Pre-Crushers. Containers. Containers. Front Load Compactors. VCH Compactor. CV Compactor. X-Press Pack. Apartment Compactors. Vertical Balers.

Manufacturer of waste compactors, hydraulic dumpers and pre-crusher compactors for industrial and commercial applications. Waste Compactors Built Tough. Built Better.

Stationary Compactors. Single Cylinder - no follower, no moving cylinder, and 1/3 the amount of hydraulic hoses. Read more . Pre-Crusher Compactors. Pre-crusher compactors are used to demolish waste products before being compacted into a container. Read more . Transfer Compactors.

Pre-Crusher / Bulky Item Compactors. Pre-Crusher / Bulky Item Compactors are designed for large, difficult to compact trash. These units Pre-Crush bulky waste items in advance of compacting them into a container offering reduced volume and increased payloads.

This includes various sizes / capacity stationary compactors, self-contained compactors and pre-crusher waste compactors. Stationary Waste Compactors. Hydraulic Stationary Compactors are designed to handle dry waste including corrugated boxes, paper, plastic, industrial material, aluminum and more in commercial and industrial settings.

Other used Stationary Compactors in stock (not pictured) JV Manufacturing, 2 cubic yard stationary compactor with side feed doghouse Marathon RJ-225, 2 yard stationary compactor

Pre-Crusher Features High-Force Crushing Ram: moves through the charge box, effectively crushing everything against the vertical steel wall. The wall is then hydraulically raised and the ram extends a full 13-inches (330mm) into the compaction container..

Stationary Compactors. For compaction of general trash, dry waste, recyclables or bulky waste. Typical applications of 100 cubic yard per week, or more (un-compacted) will warrant the addition of a trash compactor. ... Pre-Crushers. Pre Crushing compactors are used for product destruction, and for the reduction of bulky waste like: shipping ...

Pre-crusher compactors are stationary compactors that have a door on the discharge that your materials are crushed against prior to pushing them into the container. Conveyors and cart dumpers are available to load your compactors.

These industrial compactors come in self-contained, stationary, pre-crusher, office compactor, etc. Our compactors can often be used with our balers, waste conveyors, and air separator and sorting systems. We can sell, rent or lease equipment that will meet your specific needs, and we offer used and reconditioned compactors, too.

We offer Stationary Compactors in various sizes from our 2-4 yard Commercial Compactors to the Heavy Industrial 5-15 Yard Compactors. View the Machine. Pre-Crushers. Designed for large, difficult to compact trash, our Pre-Crushers smash bulky waste items before compaction, effectively reducing waste volume and increasing load weights. View the ...

Pre-Crusher A two stage ram that can process large volumes of difficult to compact materials such as crates, barrels, pallets, scrap steel and other such items. Pre-crushers break down waste within a compaction chamber before sweeping the material into the compactor box.

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Pre-Crushers Efficiently achieve product destruction and compact large bulky items to reduce trash volumes, Pre-crushers are the most powerful stationary compactor model. Read More Large bulky waste streams produced from industrial and commercial facilities are best to load into a pre-crusher compactor.

The used Hydraulic Compactor that is right for you! BE Equipment provides professional sales and service of hydraulic compacting equipment. We offer a wide variety of reconditioned and used Hydraulic Compactors (Self-Contained, Stationary, Pre-Crushers, etc.) for compacting general trash, food waste, wet waste, bulky trash, and transfer station solutions.

The Stationary Compactor is your best compactor value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It is attractively priced and features less than a minute cycle time and powerful compaction force. ... A Pre-Crusher eliminates ...

REC stocks new and used Trash Compactors for sale. 2 yard to 4 yard Stationary Compactors, Self Contained Compactors and Vertical Compactors. Commonly known as recycling, trash, or garbage compactors. ... 8677 Low Hour used Philadelphia Tramrail TP4000HD-PC 4 Yard Pre-Crusher Compactor. Several available. MORE INFO... Call: Marathon 40 Cu. Yd ...

Compactors are designed to reduce the size and volume of materials which may lead to a reduction in hauls. Each compactor is configured to your unique operation and built to manage a …

SP Industries PC-6000 Pre-Crusher Compactor SP Industries dry waste pre-crushers are powerful systems used to destroy products and/or maximize waste in a container. With machines from three cubic yards to nine cubic yards, SP Industries has the right compactor for your application.

We provide quality waste management equipment. Trash Compactors, Balers, Pre Crushers, Containers, Shredders, and more. Call us to Go Green !

New contractors include the Marathon RJ-275 Stationary Compactor, the SP Industries PC-6000 Pre-Crusher Compactor, the SP Industries Self-Contained Compactor, the Marathon Dual Recycling Compactor, and the Vert-I-Pack Compactor. Although located in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Speed-Tech will ship new compactors all over the world.

Pre-Crushers Pre-crushers break up large, bulky items and difficult-to-compact materials to make disposal easier. These machines' large steel bulkheads allow you to make material smaller prior to entering the receiving container.

Stationary ROL Compactors Pre-Crusher Compactors Vertical Compactors (VIP) Apartment/High Rise Compactors. Compactors for Waste and Recycling. AWE offers a broad selection of compactors and balers for waste and recycling: ... Advanced Waste Equipment, LP 1231 Shadowdale Drive

Pre-Crusher Compactors. Pre-crusher compactors are used to demolish waste products before being compacted into a container. They do this by compacting the waste into a wall that will then raise up and allow the material to be compacted into the container.

Stationary compactors are designed for the removal of dry waste. Bulky Waste | Pre-crushers: A pre-crusher is a stationary compactor built with a bulkhead at the end of the charge box. Pre-crushers are designed for product destruction

Pre- Destruction Compactors Made in Germany For decades The H & G Screw Compactors has been gaining worldwide. ... like the cardboard pre-crusher or wood crusher guarantee a high throughput even with large volumes of waste or recyclable fractions. ... stationary Screw Compactors, on the mobile version, the compactor and the container form a ...

Pre-Crushers are bolted to concrete and are designed to mate with collection containers 40 cubic yards. National Equipment Solutions can help you properly size a Pre-Crusher …

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Dec 21, 2017· Made out of heavy duty steel, a compactor is stationary and can only be transported via hook lift Accessories such as bin lifters and pre-crushers are common. Contact Us. History - Rock Breaker Hydraulic Hammer Hydraulic Breaker . ... Pre-Crusher Garbage Compactor - Cram-A-Lot.

SEBRIGHT MODEL PRE-CRUSHER Exclusively designed to be an integral part of the compactor. Not an add-on or after thought. Ideal for pallet, drum crushing, product destruction, and to ... Stationary Compactors * Self Contained Compactors * Precrushers * Hydraulic Dumpers* Densifiers *

Compactor Rentals of America is the premier place to rent or lease a commercial trash compactor. We have many different sizes of compactors and balers to choose from and we can help you select the right unit for your needs.

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